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Yad Sarah Services
  • Special Services section
  • Adopt-a-Family Program
  • DA`AT Medical Query Service
  • Day rehabilitation centers
  • Emergency alarm response system
  • Equipment Maintenance Workshops
  • Family Center
  • Fitness Center for people with special needs
  • Geriatric dental clinic
  • Going Home
  • Golden Age Club
  • Golden Garden Coffee Shops
  • Guidance, resource and exhibition centers
  • Home Services Department
  • Home Repair Service
  • Home Visits by volunteers
  • Information Services for the elderly
  • Information service for parents with special needs children
  • Laundry Service for the incontinent
  • Legal Aid for the elderly
  • Lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment
  • Oxygen Services and special equipment
  • Skill Training and Employment Center
  • The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center
  • Transportation for people in wheelchairs
  • Toy library and enrichment center for special children and their families

    Special Services section

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    Adopt-a-Family Program
    Caring for seriously ill family members bedridden at home is a difficult task with  no respite. The hours are long – seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Fortunately, for 150 such families in the Jerusalem area, Yad Sarah's "Adopt a Family" program sends out specially trained volunteers once or twice a week to give family caregivers a well-deserved break.   The purpose behind the project is two-fold:  to give family caregivers a chance to step out and care for their own needs, and to provide, at the same time, a social experience for the housebound patient. The innovative program has been most effective in raising spirits and breaking the cycle of loneliness and seclusion experienced by the housebound.   Many of the patients served have progressive diseases or are terminally ill, and volunteers are trained to engage them in activities suited to their needs and capabilities. Emphasis is on connecting to the patients' healthy aspects and what they had enjoyed doing in the past. The visit is social, value-based and spiritual as well. Activities included in the visit are as varied as playing board games, teaching, reading, computers, and watching TV.   Currently about 70 volunteers are active in the project. They come from all walks of life and include professionals in community service, medical and para-medical fields, some of whom are pensioners.

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    DA`AT Medical Query Service

    The DAAT medical query service  has moved to Yad Sarah. (It was previously based in the Hadassah Medical Center.)  DAAT - Hebrew for knowledge - acts as a bridge between the patient and the health care provider. Nava Dolev, founder of DAAT, explains that the idea is to provide a person needing medical treatment or surgery with full information so that he can understand his condition, the various options open to him, and make an intelligent decision, based on that knowledge. DAAT consists of "two and a quarter paid workers" - nurses and a librarian - and some 30 volunteers, including physicians, biochemists, nurses, therapists and psychologists and offers its services free of charge. So far, according to Nava Dolev, DAAT has answered some 25,000 queries in the 6 years of its existence.  This service allows  people to ask their questions from their homes, either by telephone or email (see below), rather than come to Yad Sarah. The reply, which is sent to the person's home, consists of all kinds of pertinent material  in layman's,  easy-to-understand language including relevant articles. According to Nava Dolev, this is the only medical service of its kind in Israel.

    Within the Yad Sarah framework, the Jerusalem Council for Children and Youth and “Da’at” (Health Information Services) have joined together to establish a new information center for the learning disabled (LD) to serve parents, students, and professionals. 

    To view the Da'at request form and read more, click here

    For further information or queries:
    email: info@yadsarah.org.il
    telephone: 02-644-4500


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    Day rehabilitation centers

    Here para-medical services, physical and occupational therapy, music, art, gardening, movement and other kinds of therapy, meals and social events are provided daily for the severely disabled, old or young, especially those recovering from CVA or accidents. This continued rehabilitation takes up where the hospital and health funds leave off. The participants are brought to the centers in Yad Sarah’s vans, receive their treatments from professionals and volunteers, enjoy a cooked meal and are then brought home by van. The activities at these centers often stops or slows the deterioration in their condition, and at times even improves it - and their caregivers are also given a "breathing spell."

    To read more about the Day Rehabilitation Centers, click here (PDF file).

    To read about Tu BiShvat planting in the Day Rehabilitation Center, click here.

    For further details, contact the rehab centers:

    Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd. Tel. 02-644-4633

    Rishon Le-Zion: 11 Rothschild Street, Tel. 03-967-9714


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    Emergency alarm response system

    Elderly people living alone - and their families - can find peace of mind and security with the two-way transmitters which connect to Yad Sarah's computerized communication center in Jerusalem 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A touch of a button (worn on the wrist) automatically activates a voice connection with the control room where a screen flashes the caller’s name, address, medical details, languages spoken, phone numbers of relatives, neighbors who have keys, doctor, nearest first aid station, etc. The caller can speak from any room in the house. The duty operator sends help as needed, and has been trained to calm a frightened person. Thousands of Israelis are connected to Yad Sarah in this way, and lives have been saved by this service.

    Anyone can connect to this service, for a one-time payment of 300 NIS (for insurance and back-up batteries) and a refundable deposit of 300 NIS. There is no further monthly fee. Installation, repairs, and operator duty are done by volunteers

    Further information about emergency alarm service

    Jerusalem: 02- 644-4422

    Tel Aviv: 03- 681-7222  and at all Yad Sarah branches 
    Click here
    for an article about this service

    Click here
    for a more detailed description in PDF format

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    Equipment Maintenance Workshops
    The hundreds of thousands of wheelchairs, walkers, vaporizers and other items that Yad Sarah lends are repaired and renovated by skilled volunteer pensioners and handicapped people in these workshops - a saving in costs for Yad Sarah and a lease on a useful life for the volunteers.

    Read about volunteers in the equipment maintenance workshops: Bob Schwell and Brian Clein

    Further information at main workshop office:  Tel. 02-644-4556

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    Family Center
    The Yad Sarah Family Center performs professional and welcome work in the treatment and prevention of violence in the family.  Its uniqueness lies in its specialty of catering to families of the religious sector, but it is open to all sectors of society.  Here treatment is provided for the victim, the aggressor and the witness (children from families where violence is prevalent). 
    Yad Sarah’s staff of therapists consists of 10 social workers, three students studying social work, a female volunteer who is both an attorney as well as a rabbinical court advocate, along with several other volunteers in varying support roles.  These volunteers serve as a substitute for the natural support system (family and friends).  Because the center specializes in treating the religious sector, a rabbinical committee also participates in its activities.
    For details:  Shlomit Lehman, telephone:  02-6444517

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    Fitness Center for people with special needs

    Jerusalem’s only health and fitness center for golden agers and people with disabilities (*)  is located at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem.

    Fitted with professional equipment for aerobic and heart-lung capacity work, muscle strengthening and stretching exercises, the Center is staffed by volunteer professionals with medical back up. All equipment is adapted for use by those in wheelchairs. Each machine has a built-in control to limit the maximum exertion to a pre-set ability level. Physical exercise at any age is a positive factor in increasing longevity, promoting general well-being, improving balance and thus minimizing falls. These research findings even apply to people over age  75  and people with disabilities.

    * except for war-related disabilities which are treated by the Ministry of Defense

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    Geriatric dental clinic

    Volunteer Israeli dentists provide a full range of care for the aged. This is one of the few gerodontic centers in the world, and is also a postgraduate teaching clinic. Working under the supervision of the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, the dentists specialize in dental care for the aged, such as gum problems, prosthetics, restoration, and more. A mobile dental unit now makes house calls.

    The clinic is located at Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd. Jerusalem

    ask more at info@yadsarah.org.il
    Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 9 am - 1 pm
     Call for appointment: 02-644-4644   Dentalclinic@yadsarah.org.il 

    Read about  Dr. Steven Jacobson who volunteered in the clinic

    For more information on
    Geriatric dental clinic ,
    Satisfaction Survey in PDF format

    About Mobile Dental Clinic
     Specially equipped van  )

    About portable denture kits used for treatment of home bound patients 








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    Going Home

    A new service – “Going Home” – is being launched with the opening of Yad Sarah branch, at Tel Hashomer Hospital – Chaim Sheba Medical Center (near Tel Aviv). Trained Yad Sarah volunteers – at Sheba and two other hospitals – will attach themselves to patients who are discharged and give them and their families the support and information that is crucial to their recovery. Trained volunteers attach themselves to patients upon their discharge from hospitals, one on one, and see them through the stages of recovery. The volunteers connect the convalescent and his or her family with all the community assistance needed, apprise them of their entitlements and help them actualize them. The volunteer is there with advice, encouragement and support until no longer needed.

    Participating in this program are the Health Ministry, welfare offices, health funds, and other public bodies.
    To read more about "Going Home", click here.
     ask more at info@yadsarah.org.il

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    Golden Age Club
    The Yad Sarah Golden Age Club, run by volunteers, serves the senior population of Jerusalem to enrich their leisure hours. Its wide variety of programs includes courses in liberal arts, social studies, languages, fine arts, dance, Tai Chi, physical education, bridge, games, Bible, the weekly Bible portion and more. Other services are chiropody, manicure, pedicure and reflexology. Discount tickets to concerts, theater, exhibits and the like are sold, as are pre-cooked, frozen meals at low cost.  The club has a cafeteria offering snacks, light meals and coffee, all at nominal cost.

    Click here to read an article about the Golden Age Club.
    For more information call 02--6444572

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    Golden Garden Coffee Shops

    A network of pleasant meeting places - for coffee, cake and conversation, films, lectures, and even low-cost hot meals, for the "golden age" population. Some come just for the social contact, to read a newspaper, to be with people. The coffee shops are managed by volunteers from the local Yad Sarah branch.

    The coffee shops are located in:

    Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Boulevard Tel. 02-644-4438,

    Holon: 37A Beilinson Street, Tel. 03-501-4717

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    Guidance, resource and exhibition centers

    Guidance, resource and exhibition centers

    These guidance, resource and exhibition centers - located in 8 regional branches - consist of model apartments which display the range of equipment available to allow the handicapped person to function independently at home. Volunteer, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and others,  advise visitors as to which apparatus may help to overcome their particular limitation.
     The visitor can try out the items before buying or borrowing them, and receive advice about where to obtain them. A computerized resource library links the centers to global information on assistive devices and residential adaptation. The staff of the centers will be glad to provide more information by phone or mail
    .Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd. Tel. 02-644-4633

    .For a more detailed description, in PDF format, click here
    For information about Hedi, the  traveling exhibition, click here

    To read the "Guide to the Perplexed" article, click here

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    Home Services Department

    Yad Sarah's comprehensive services for the homebound and elderly endeavors to supply an answer to nearly every problem or question that aged and homebound people and their families encounter. Volunteers bring projects to activate hands and minds and raise morale: handicrafts, computer instruction (and computers), work with potted plants, taping and typing of life stories, wheelchair outings, and more. In addition to dispelling boredom and engaging the person’s time in enjoyable, creative and even challenging activity, these projects boost the individual’s self-esteem and his or her image in the eyes of family and friends. The person’s abilities, limitations and interests are first evaluated by a visiting trained volunteer professional, who then recommends the suitable activity. Specially trained volunteers maintain contact and give guidance during weekly home visits.  Some 320 people in Jerusalem, and a similar number in 11 other cities (with two more planned), receive these services, and more than 1,000 others receive follow-up phone calls from Yad Sarah volunteers. 

    Further information:  02-644-4577  or Outreach@yadsarah.org.il
    ask us more at info@yadsarah.org.il

    To read more about the Home Services Department:

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    Home Repair Service

    Mobile workshops manned by volunteers bring to the homebound and elderly a quick fix-it. One phone call and the broken pipe, lock or chair is back in working order. A vital service for elderly people living alone who are afraid to have strangers come into their homes. The Yad Sarah volunteer also installs front door peep-holes and safety rails where requested.

    For more information call  02-644-4577.

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    Home Visits by volunteers

    The Yad Sarah Golden Age Club, run by volunteers, serves the senior population of Jerusalem to enrich their leisure hours. Its wide variety of programs includes courses in liberal arts, social studies, languages, fine arts, dance, Tai Chi, physical education, bridge, games, Bible, the weekly Bible portion and more. Other services are chiropody, manicure, pedicure and reflexology. Discount tickets to concerts, theater, exhibits and the like are sold, as are pre-cooked, frozen meals at low cost.

    The club has a cafeteria offering snacks, light meals and coffee, all at nominal cost.

    For more information call 02-644-4429


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    Information Services for the elderly

    Yad Sarah maintains a unique computerized data bank comprising full details on all services available for the elderly everywhere in Israel. The information is arranged according to subject, geographical location and the applicant’s particular needs. The program also gives full information on all Yad Sarah’s services. The project is a joint service with Eshel-JDC.

    Callers can inquire about a range of subjects, including transportation services, homes for the aged, golden age clubs, nursing services, supply of food and meals, rest homes, advice about where financial help is available, Yad Sarah services (lending of equipment, emergency alarms, etc.), and more. Questions can be asked by telephone; answers will be supplied on the spot, or by phone, mail or fax.

    For further details, call: 02-644-4633


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    Information service for parents with special needs children
    Families of special needs children seeking information, support or guidance have a special hotline (02-6444488 or call *64446  and ask for the "Mishakia").   On our special playground see HERE

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    Laundry Service for the incontinent

    Yad Sarah's home-delivered clean bedding and night clothes for the incontinent eases the burden on the caregivers. Yad Sarah volunteers wash, dry, mend, iron and fold. This service is sometimes the crucial factor in enabling families to care for their loved ones at home.

    To order service:

    Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd. Tel: 02-644-4577


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    Legal Aid for the elderly
    Yad Riva, within Yad Sarah, provides free or minimal cost legal services for the elderly, including drafting wills, property concerns, issues with landlords and disputes within the family or with neighbors, financial matters such as insurance rights and pensions, and more. The service is given almost entirely by volunteers: lawyers, social workers and legal and social work students. They make house calls if needed.

    Yad Riva operates in the following locations: Jerusalem, Upper Nazareth, Ashekelon, Haifa, Kiryat Ata, Afula, Hadera, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Raanana, Lod, Tel-Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Beersheva, Arad, and Holon.

    For more information about Yad Riva, click here.


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    Lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment
    Yad Sarah's best known service, and no wonder. Some 200,000 people a year borrow medical or rehabilitative equipment free of charge, free of bureaucracy. There are 103 branches around the country, operated by volunteers, lending some 300 kinds of equipment for periods of from one to three months. All you need to do is go into the branch nearest your home, and leave a deposit that will be refunded when you return the item. Borrowed equipment enables people to recover at home, with their families, rather than in hospitals.  

    For more information, in PDF format, click here.

    For information about the Reinhard Marcuse Lending Service for the Vision Impaired , click here.

    For information about the Malki Foundation, click here.

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    Oxygen Services and special equipment

    By supplying oxygen concentrating machines and standby cylinders of 100 percent oxygen, Yad Sarah enables hundreds of people with respiratory problems to live at home or travel instead of being hospitalized. Other high-tech equipment available at the Special Equipment Centers includes pulse oximeters (to monitor level of oxygen in blood and thereby regulate oxygen supply), inhalation machines, CPM physiotherapy apparatus for arms and legs, infusion equipment and more. Trained staff instructs borrowers in use of the equipment.

    Available at National Center for Special Equipment,Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd. Jerusalem, Tel. 02-644-4622 AND at the regional centers in Beersheba, Rehovot, Herzliya, Rishon Le-Zion, Nahariya. Can be ordered from any branch.

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    Skill Training and Employment Center

    Here recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union aged 55-plus are employed and learn a new trade: producing and assembling orthopedic and electronic equipment. This is a major money saver for Yad Sarah compared to importing whole wheelchairs and walkers, and a solution to the employment problem of older immigrants who have a technical or engineering background. Known as The Norway Center in recognition of support received from a Norwegian charitable organization.

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    The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center

    The Karten Rehabilitative Computer Center answers the special needs of disabled people with motor and/or cognitive difficulties at different levels, and helps enable them, too, to enjoy the many advantages of using a computer. Its 10 terminals are equipped with special assistive devices that enable people with disabilities to use the computer.

    These new skills help reduce the person’s dependency on others and strengthen the feeling of control of their lives.


    For further details, contact the rehab centers:

    Jerusalem: Yad Sarah House 124 Herzl Blvd. Tel. 02-644-4723

    Rishon Le-Zion: 11 Rothschild Street, Tel. 03-967-9714

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    Transportation for people in wheelchairs

    Specially equipped vans take wheelchair-bound elderly or disabled persons from their homes to medical appointments and social events. Yad Sarah’s air-conditioned vans are fitted with hydraulic tail lifts, safety anchors, and two-way radios. In 2001, in view of the severe unrest in Israel and danger on some roads, it was necessary to add two bulletproof vans to the fleet. The professional drivers (many of them volunteers) are trained in working with disabled people. These vans give homebound people a chance to participate in life beyond their four walls and thus improve their quality of life enormously. The van service is what makes it possible, in many cases, for these people to remain at home, not in hospitals, and get to their medical treatments as needed. Rides, at a nominal charge, can be ordered 24 hours in advance from the following transportation centers:

    COUNTRY-WIDE: 1-700-501-800

    Jerusalem: 02-644-4422

    Tel Aviv: 03-681-7222

    Haifa: 04-838-1704

    Beersheba: 07-648-3897

    Rishon Le-Tzion: 03-966-0190

    VISITORS TO ISRAEL in wheelchairs can order airport pick-up in advance through the Exhibition and Guidance Center, Tel. 972-2-644-4633


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    Toy library and enrichment center for special children and their families

    Supervised play, instruction and lending of toys and games, for children with motor and cognitive problems. The center stresses full family involvement. The professional staff and trained volunteers play with the child (along with parents and siblings), give continuous guidance, and lend appropriate toys and games with instructions for their use at home. The center includes a creativity room, gross motor activity room, fine motor activity room, didactic games, computer games, and games for loan. The staff includes experts in special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, clinical education students and specially trained high school volunteers.

    Children aged newborn to twelve and their families are referred to the center by professionals. By appointment only.

    Click here for a more detailed description, in PDF format. 
    For an appointment or further information please call the Center, Beit Helena in Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd., Jerusalem, Tel. 02-644-4488

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    Comments and suggestions: internet@yadsarah.org.il
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