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Yad Sarah Goes Global

Yad Sarah lends its helping hand to the whole world.

Special Consultative Status ECOSOC/UN * Associated with DPI/UN

In 2004 the United Nations recognized Yad Sarah as a Non-Governmental Organization, according it UN observer status. In 2005 the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations upgraded Yad Sarah`s status to an advisory body to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. This status allows Yad Sarah to participate in General Assembly meetings and UN international conferences, as well as serve as consultants for UN and government bodies

The realities of increasing longevity and skyrocketing medical costs in general and especially the costs of hospitalization are worldwide. The Yad Sarah model meets these problems head-on. This is an Israeli innovation that is applicable globally, and it is being applied, in several ways.

¨ Health and welfare professionals and governmental officials from around the world visit Yad Sarah frequently, seeking to learn the secret of its success in Israel.

¨ This organization has extensive and intensive knowledge of how to set up such service frameworks, recruitment and training of volunteers, systems management and identifying needs.

¨ Yad Sarah is prepared to guide and train community health and welfare professionals, both in and outside of Israel.

¨ The Yad Sarah model is already operating in about a hundred locations in some of the former Soviet republics. In process of being set up is a new model for services to special-needs children and their families in Uzbekistan

¨ Yad Sarah has been approached by various organizations and countries including Chile, Brazil, Cameroon, Mozambique, Kirgyzia, Azerbijan, and more, for help in adapting the Israeli prototype to local needs.

Connections with Countries in the Past and Present

· Russia – working with the Joint to build a model of Yad Sarah in St. Petersburg

· Republic of Cameron – Connection with the Rehabilitation Center in the capital city, shipping equipment

· Angola – Establishment of a workshop for maintenance of rehabilitative equipment + guidance

· Uzbekistan – Community Children`s Center for Rehabilitation in Tashkent

· South Africa – two Lending Centers together with the UJW

· Jordan – Building of Lending and Guidance Center in The Red Crescent Hospital in Amman is progressing

· Turkey – Acquiring knowledge of the conditions, in preparation of building a model

· El Salvador – Consolidation of joint project with the international bank is to be developed

· South Korea – Project for recruitment and working of volunteers in the medical centers

· Kazakhstan – Examination of records for activation of model in Almaty

· India – Assistance in Opening Guidance and Exhibition Center

· Senegal and Sierra Leone - Initial contact

· Moldova - Provided training in the use of rehabilitative equipment



Yad Sarah Bio  | Vital Statistics

  Yad Sarah humanitarian efforts outside Israel

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